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Thursday, June 02, 2016

Put Your Boots On

Random thought the other day while driving.
There is something comfortable about a pair of shoes or boots that "just fit".  The ones you can be in all day and your feet feel like they are as comfortable as can be.  I wear boots for specific purposes and each one has it's purpose...which turned into a leadership thought for me as well.

When we go camping & hiking I have a pair of boots I love to wear.  They are sturdy, make my feet feel great regardless of what we are doing and I know that no matter what type of terrain we encounter I am good to go.  From the crown of the continent in Glacier National Park, to the multi faceted terrain of Yellowstone, to the Granite Peaks of Yosemite, to the rolling hills of the Smokey Mountains and the Big Pine Mountains of Rocky Mountain National Park my boots are trustworthy.
Hiking Boots need to be sturdy & comfortable.  They need to get you to your destination so you can pause & enjoy the scenery.
You need moments in life to enjoy & pause to rest in.  But to get there you need healthy decisions of which trail is worth going on.  It's not just about the end view, it's also the journey getting there.

When the crap gets piled up you need boots to help you dig through it.  Growing up around horses I had work boots that could get crap all over them.  Didn't care what they looked like because they had one role in my life.  To muck a stall that was full of green & brown maggot infested feces.
Yes, sometimes in life you gotta just put on the boots to get a messy job done.  Get after it, get it done. Acknowledge going into the job it's going to suck, but when you are done with that job, you can take off your work boots, get a shower & go dancing.

Yes, growing up wearing a stetson, wranglers & ropers we'd go dancing.  About the only rhythm I've ever had was to the country two step or copying a line dance...but it was still fun.  It's a party.  It's laughter.  It's not really caring what you look like on the dance floor because as long as the one you are dancing with is good with it then there is no care in the world that'll keep you from enjoying the night.
You need to dance in life.  You need to celebrate on a Friday night or a Sunday morning the joy you have to be alive.
Also having a pretty girl to dance with doesn't hurt either!

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