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Monday, June 06, 2016

Leadership, Learnings & Leverages...thinkings

Leadership: the action of leading a group of people or an organization:...

Leadership has many variations of how it can occur in our lives and the affect it has in our lives.  Many leaders are in the role they are in to lead towards change, create successful stats, complete quotas, excel with company initiatives, achieve quantifiable goals and the like.  Leaders do come in all forms of personalities & certain leadership styles are more contagious than others.  CEO's, Head Coaches, Principles, Area Directors...the list of titles can be unending of the public figures that can receive praise as well as ridicule.

It can seem that the leader(s) that is praised is the leader(s) that receives the most attention.  Certain personality types can be desperate to grasp for the attention given in public settings & their leadership effectiveness is often driven by public praise instead of privately leading well.  
Other leaders are capable of navigating both the public praise while still deferring attention to not just themselves but the group or organization that is working well under their leadership that helps them gain the public praise.

I have come to see, read & experience for myself that leadership isn't as much as What You Do, but in Who You Are.  Character matters a ton

If you are someone that desires to lead are you a learner?  Do you take what you experience, learn from the failures and the successes and leverage it for the next decision?  Do you repeat the same mistakes? 
Do you personalize everything in a closet of thinking or do you seek wisdom from those who have more learnings in areas you lack? 

Is leadership about a platform you are given or a responsibility you have earned?  Leadership takes character and persistence, but what type of character traits do you display?  As you lead is your persistence received as care or chaotic?

All these questions and more fill volumes of books, podcasts & fill up conferences topics.  
Leadership is never-ending classroom.  There are always elements of leadership that needs to change, adjust, alter or adapt to the setting they are in.  

Are you taking what you are learning & leveraging it for healthier leadership?

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