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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Juggling Equals Breaking

Since as long as I remember, and before that based on my mom's stories, i have never liked making two trips.

  • Two trips in from the car to the house to carry things
  • Two trips to the trash can
  • Two trips to the grocery store
  • Two trips carrying clothes up the stairs
  • Two trips on almost anything...

I've gotten really good at contorting my fingers to carry as many bags as possible & leveraging as much in my arms (or on my shoulders) as possible.  I have no clue why this began or even what my issues use but I've got a bad habit!

However...there are those moments in my life where;

  • I dropped a gallon of milk because I thought I could grab the last item
  • I dropped all the folded clothes to have to pick them all up & refold all of them
  • I dropped my Full coffee cup, because I didn't want to grab my backpack on a second trip
  • I dropped my iPhone...more than once

You'd think I would have learned my lesson after 36 years of this issue and the consequences, but nope.

Juggling Equals Breaking

Juggling doesn't only happen with carrying physical items.  It also can occur in leadership:

  • Attempting to juggle too many tasks that MUST be done by a deadline and never giving away opportunities to other responsible leaders. 
  • Trying to be all things to all people all the time
  • Worrying incessantly over items that are out of my control
  • Impatience over timelines that cannot be changed regardless how much I try

Juggling Equals Breaking

I can juggle, i learned in college late at night during finals week.  My limit is three items and I can juggle those items for a considerable amount of time.  Each time I've tried to add a 4th or 5th item, the same result happens, I drop everything.
In my life, in my leadership & even in the basic need of bringing in groceries, I can only juggle what I am capable of.  Even in juggling only what I am capable of, if I complete the task & lead well, then it can be a fun and healthy experience.
If I try to do more than what I am capable of, something is going to break.

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