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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Four Hard Questions to Ask Yourself

It's a New Year with new opportunities.  New opportunities that we create and new opportunities that will come our way.  But with those opportunities come challenges, hurdles, conversations & change that has to be navigated.
I have a list of questions (about 30) that I look at often throughout the course of a year to help me process life, spirituality, marriage, parenting & leadership.  Here are four that I tend to always ask myself.

1--Why Am I Doing What I am Doing?
What is my motivation for doing what I am doing as a husband, father & leader?

2--When I say "Yes" to a New Opportunity, What am I saying "No" to that I am Already Doing?
I cannot do all things at all times.  I have to create boundaries in my life so I do not over commitment and underperform.

3--What Impact Does This Have on the Health of my Entire Life?
My soul, my healthy, my family, my relationships and my own sanity can all be impacted by things I make commitments to.  Can I keep life healthy for everyone if a new opportunity comes along?  

4--What Blind Spots do I Have Going On?
There is no such thing as a perfect leader and all aspects of my life are open to imperfections.  Where do I need to give more energy to make sure a blind spot doesn't turn into a harmful or destructive aspect of my life?

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Momma B said...

Good questions Danny!