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Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Imitation Kills Innovation

Imitation tends to kill innovation.  Being a copy cat takes less energy than allowing the space & time to create with originality.

Unique. Original. Creative. One of a kind. 
Often we applaud these words and adjectives.  Even if we can’t afford the price tag on these items we still highlight them.
But not all of us are artists, wood workers or able to run a DIY website.  But what makes PINTEREST & DIY websites successful is it gives people an idea of what they are capable of doing with some instruction & inspiration.  Some people need just a little kick of confidence to tackle a creative project.

Originality allows people, organizations, ministries, sports teams & families to thrive instead of just exist.

People need to know that there energies are not just about “how things have always just been done”.  People need to know that who they are adds to what they are a part of in a unique way.  
People...I hope you do know that your own energies and creativity are worth testing and trying out.

When it comes to leadership if we are always just copying and never taking the time to be innovative than we really aren’t leading, we are just managing other peoples visions.

I'd rather lead and create than copy and manage some else's creativity.

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