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Monday, January 12, 2015

Youth Ministry: Leading Leaders

leader |ˈlēdərnounthe person who leads or commands a group, organization, etc
I like being around leaders.  I often see Leaders as such:Leaders tend to be the people who desire to see somethingdone. They have a voice (both loud & quiet) that peoplelisten to. Leaders create action and encourage others tofollow. Leaders are people that can tend to have strongopinions and in general have strong work ethics. Leadersare people that do not sit back idly, but tend to leanforward to help fix problems. I like being around leaders. A wonderful privilege I've had isbeing able to also lead leaders. Whether it's been as a staffperson, intern or a key volunteer I've had leaders aroundme. I love it. I enjoy the energy, conversations, convictions &drive they have.  
So how can a leader lead leaders?
Here are just a few things I've learned that are needed to lead other leaders:1- Vision Leaders, even if they are following another leader, want vision.  They want direction.  They want to be able to know where their energies are being pointed and how to focus their energies.  Leaders want and need a vision to stand behind and upon because it allows them to feel they are a part of something bigger than them.  Leaders desire to see dynamic and life changing opportunities come their way.  A solid vision, allows them to be a part of those moments. 
2- CommunicationLeaders need to know what is going on.  They want to know all the details and whose responsible for various aspects.  I have experienced that leaders need to know the details because it allows them to communicate better with their teams or circle of influences.  I also have experienced that this is an area where leaders can be easily frustrated.  When there is lack of communication and unclear communication leaders will get frustrated.  Be sure to communicate & over communicate so there are no unspoken assumptions or expectations your team is unaware of.
3- BoundariesWhen leaders are leading leaders boundaries are needed.  Leaders can tend to step on one another toes unless they are given some boundaries.  Boundaries are not to handcuff people, but boundaries are to help people know exactly where they can fully engage themselves.  Boundaries allow organizations & departments to operate effectively.  Boundaries are areas for communication, vision and also evaluation.  Boundaries allow people to know exactly what is & is not expected of them.
4- TrustLeaders want to lead and act.  As a key leader you have to show trust, confidence & belief in the leaders around you. If you communicate, set boundaries, cast vision and want leaders to lead you have to trust them when you release them.  Trust is easily lost and easily gained with the respective actions.  When you have a leader who leads well be sure to affirm them.  When you have a leader that gets off track communicate with them as quickly and appropriately as possible.  

This list could be a lot longer and there are a large amount ofresources available to read up on how to lead well.  Iencourage you to invest in resources by Patrick Lencioni,Andy Stanley, Seth Godin & Malcolm Gladwell.Andy Stanley has an INCREDIBLE podcast forleaders that I highly recommend everyone to subscribe to

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