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Monday, May 12, 2014

When Will the Dust Settle?

Cardboard boxes.
Mail that was supposed to be forwarded but wasn't.
How are we going to set up the new house?
Time moving at warp speed but your brain is in a fog.
"We are out of milk, where is that grocery store again?"
"Dad….i miss home!"

During this transition in our families life an everyday waking fact for all of us is that things are still in a bit of chaos.  It's not a catastrophe but it does feel chaotic.  An honest truth we are speaking out loud is "this will take time and we need to allow ourselves to take time to adjust".

It's a startling realization when you make major moves in life with family as to how sensitive and hypersensitive one can become to how things are going for those closest to you as well as yourself.  As Kim and I talk through daily hurdles, to-do lists, family checkups and emotional moments any of us are having we realize that those sensitivity moments need to be addressed.  I'd be really worried what life would like if we didn't willingly address the tough as well as the good.

In the last week my personal biggest learning is: My personal desire to have everything figured out immediately has to be submitted to a healthy life pattern considering the rest of my family and how life is moving.

Will the dust settle?
Eventually yes, but when dust settles you have to clean up the dust & dirt.  However cleaning is part of regular life.

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