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Tuesday, May 06, 2014


During this transition it has felt like I'm on an uphill run with no end in site.  The learning curve of everything being new has been challenging, exciting, humbling, nerve racking & emotionally exhausting.
I know I'm not alone in having to go through transitions so here is a post of some of my top learnings & reminders of how I'm handling them.  Hopefully they serve as a resource for others that have or may be going through a ministry transition on their own.

Who I am is a child of God--Nothing can alter that.  Not my job, not where I live, not my productivity, no nothing!
If I don't daily connect with Christ, dwell with him to let his truth nurture me then the rest of my life will become a catastrophe.  Focussing on Christ in me allows me to navigate all the unknown corners of this new setting, insecurities and challenges.  

Your family is going through this transition with you, DO NOT LEAVE THEM OUT ON AN ISLAND.  Buffer time, space & money to help your family in this transition.  Ask your direct report for permission to work 3/4 time for the first two weeks.  Make the extra effort to help your spouse with anything you can.  From unpacking boxes, learning the new area, planning meals or whatever else is involved be a team.  If your kids are going to a new school be sure to buffer time to take them to school & be there when they get out.  Splurge on some new family adventures to create some healthy family moments early on.  Your family matters more than the ministry so be sure you act & lead that way.

The amount of internal anguish in me has been a lot.  Any time we pour heart & soul into something for a significant amount of time it becomes a part of us.  A piece of dies when that is removed or deconstructed.  We have to be willing to let go of what was and focus on what is.  When we come to a new ministry setting you are trying to learn a new working rhythm, evaluate how the ministry is going as well as how your leadership is going to influence the ministry.  However, being the new guy you have to listen, listen & listen.  Listen to the Holy Spirit, listen to the people, listen to the leaders and listen to whom you report to.

Taking cheap shots at the "old guy" or way things "used to be" is not healthy.  They might be easy to do but it's not worth it.  You are a new leader, model integrity & character.  You will need to find a trusteed person to brainstorm out loud with but don't waste your energies on slandering someone, use your energies on influencing healthy change in every area you can.

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