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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Leaders Must Listen & Learn

I just wrapped up a 18 hour day talking, networking, brainstorming, ideating and dreaming with 50 other sharp & like minded ministry people.
I love hearing the movement of God in healthy leaders helping shape healthy ministry settings!  I love hearing people take risks, big and small, to help families follow Jesus.

Leaders that stop learning & "know how to navigate this" are ignorant and insecure. That may sound harsh but I believe it as a conviction. When leaders stop learning they begin to lead from a place that is shallow and non-transferable. 

When leaders who desire health take the time to listen to God's Spirit (John 14, Acts 17, Galatians 1) and to connect with other leaders there is a powerful moving of Jesus.  When leaders who desire effective and healthy ministry listen & lead WITH those closest to them camaraderie forms and the foundations for long lasting impact is put in place.  

All leaders must continue to listen & learn, period!  At no point can we say we are a complete leader and we certainly cannot say we are a perfect leader.  But what we can say is we want to grow in our leadership maturity so our influence is positive and influential. 


  • To Jesus
  • To promptings of the Holy Spirit
  • To those who have "been there"
  • To people's passions & excitements
  • To your own heart
  • To smart & healthy thinkers who are in & out of your profession
  • To those who stretch your bandwidth of leadership understandings
  • To the thoughts of both older and younger individuals


  • From what Jesus guide you through
  • The voice of the Holy Spirit from the world
  • From people who write & you can respect
  • From those who have "been there"
  • From experiences, failures & successes of others
  • From those who are wired as creative types as well as strategic thinkers

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