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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Scroll Of Humanity

The scroll of the History of Humanity is unrolled and written with mystery, love, romance, scorn, pain, evil, redemption, legacies, birth & death as it is all woven into one inked line of universal truth—PEOPLE EXIST TO LIVE!

Humanity is special, unique, divinely made, worthy, fragile, emotive, scared, timid, bold & beautiful.  It is full of wonders based on ingenuity, creativity & worship.  We don not just want to be robotic repetitions of rhyme but we, people, humans, are individuals that believe in creating something.  
Something that moves.  Something that gives freedom. Something that helps us feel a part of a bigger story.

Over the course of history those small created somethings turn into culture shifting somethings.
From medicine to industry, textiles to legalities,education to sport, culinary and cultural.
Humanity is more than just social pockets of people diversely sprinkled over thousands of square miles of earth.
Humanity is Human and to be Human is to be Beautiful.

Beauty draws what is around it to lean in closer.  
To hold our breath, listen intently and observe closely.  
We do not want to miss anything that could stir in our hearts an awakening to continue to pull and push us towards living life fully.

I am thankful to be a word etched in this lineage of human history.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to add & create something to allow others to live and embrace life

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