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Saturday, June 14, 2014

When You Have to Put Out a Fire

Last week my wife and I were on the phone and I heard three words that changed my day.  Now three words between two married couples can be
I Love You
I Like You
You are Late
Where are You

But the three words that were spoken to me over the phone were GET HOME NOW!

I knew in the tone of her voice that my wife was in trouble.  I grabbed my keys, ran to my truck & raced home and as I arrived I ran into the house to find our garage engulfed in smoke & flames.  We did the responsible thing by getting the boys & dog out of the house as well as the 4 valuables we have set on a shelf for the "what if" scenarios like this.  The fire department arrived and did their job on the fire and took tremendous care of us in the process.  We had friends, my senior pastor & neighbors come by to just care for us as well.

The real process of cleaning up, repairs and insurance claims has begun.  We are displaced for about a month living with family, in a hotel or camping along the river.  Our emotions have been all over the place, we have been overwhelmed with care from strangers as well as new friends and co-workers.
Our dog is along for the ride and like all of us doesn't like the ride at certain parts of the journey.
This could've been worse and we are thankful it wasn't.  The damage done is a lot but not as bad as it could be.  Living mobile helps you appreciate those in the world whom have to live that way.  We are having to be more intentional with our kids to care for them and help them process through this while we also try to process through this life event.  And each day we take a new step forward.

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