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Monday, May 26, 2014

Staff verse Status

Here are some of my observations on Staff Dynamics:

Whenever you have a group of people (a staff) who work together everyone is trying to find their place in the group.
Be it in the sociological, anthropological or illogical DNA of our human species framework we all want to know how we belong and fit together.
There are some positive values that can occur as teamwork, collaboration, relational care & allowing peoples strength to flourish.
What isn’t healthy is when someone’s status overshadows the collective staff inappropiately.  People can jockey, backbite, betray, lie, gossip, power play and manipulate to outshine everyone else.  Sometimes this is done to get a leg up on the competition for the higher pay scale or end of the year bonus.  Other times it can be the people in charge who use their authority to push a staff for their personal benefit and not the benefit of the team.

If Status is the only thing you are after then what you will get is status, but that status can come at the expense of healthy relationships personally and professionally.
If Status is a desire to become a name of recognition there is a good chance you will leave boot prints on the backs of people around you.

But if teamwork and collaboration is a value;
If the health of the organization is important; 
If healthy transferable principles that can be shared to others matter; 
And when people matter to you as people and not ponds on a staff then what you have is worth holding onto and working together for.

There is no doubt that in this life there are voices of truth, leadership & influence that rise a head above others.  Those voices help guide organizations and people toward Mission, Vision & Values and quite often do it very well.  
Those with a voice of leadership and influence that chose to honor those around them that help make their leadership a reality and do so with care then those are the leadership voices you want to continue to follow.

I’m honored to know some incredible voices of significant local and global leadership influence.  I find how they lead and care for those around them encouraging and am thankful they model that well.  I’m thankful I’ve had the ability to learn from them.  I'm hopeful that my leadership actions and words are healthy and enjoyable for any team that I lead.

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