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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Transition: the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another.

It seems people are always in transition.  We are born, we slide into our infant stage, stand up to be a toddler, pack backpack to become a young child then awkward stumble into being a pre-teen, develop as we are in our teenage years then graduate to a young adult, then comes middle age, then somewhere we find our years of retirement, wheel into being elderly and then death.  Life is full of transitions.
People are in constant motion moving from one place to another through school, moving for job relocations, traveling on vacation and even mentally trying to understand the phases of life we encounter.
Transitions shouldn't surprise us and often it doesn't.  We roll with them and I think because the transitions we go through there always seems to a constant somewhere in our lives.  Maybe it's a parent, a home to return to, a friend who walks with us through everything we encounter or that trusted car we road trip in.  But when those constants get removed from us that's when we most feel the tension of transition.
That tension can be painful, exciting, mysterious and even leave us feeling numb at times.  I also believe it is in the midst of these transitions where are attentiveness is most keenly aware to nuances we've overlooked before. 

As the Jewish Theologian & Poet Abraham Heschel writes, "God is waiting on every road that leads from intention to action, from desire to satisfaction."
For those that may not be aware yet it was announced during this weekend that I will be leaving my role as Pastor to Students & Families at Mission Hills Church.  My final day will be March 2nd.

Our family is expectantly watching for Jesus' fingerprints to be all over our lives and the calling He has for us for a new season of ministry.  While we do not know where or when that  will be we are hopeful that Jesus is doing something in us that is worth living for.

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Momma B said...

ADVENTURE: the encountering of risks; an exciting or remarkable experience.

Walking with the God of the universe is an adventure. While we are extremely sad to see you go we are eager to see what He does next with you and your family.