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Friday, January 31, 2014

Longevity in Ministry is Healthy

**photo credit to Aunt Megan Hutchinson

Today I had coffee with a college student.
Well really he is more of a former high school student.
Actually he can be probably really be classified as a friend at this point.

I've known Austin for four years and in those four years I've seen him get his drivers license, buy a car, graduate high school, play in some big time golf tournaments and now watching him get accepted into his dream school of Alabama which he'll be attending this up coming fall.
Austin was a huge influential leader in our high school ministry and is continuing to allow Jesus to shape his life daily. Austin is one of those students that I value still knowing.  A key reason that I have the relationship I do have with Austin is because I've been able to stay in one place for an extended length of time.  The great thing is I have several "Austin's" from the past 6 years of ministry in Orange County.  I have several more students from my previous ministry setting as well that we still talk, connect & have a relationship with.

I've learned a lot about youth ministry over the past 13 years but one thing is for sure longevity in ministry allows you to have substantially healthy relationships with students, parents & your community.

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