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Friday, June 07, 2013

Rich Life

I love interacting with people who have a huge passion to make a difference in the world.

I met Rich April of 2012.  He was the installer that was joining us on our UGANDA trip last summer.  Rich's passion was using his love of architecture & desire to help those in need to partner with Kids Around the World to install playgrounds all over the world.

Every conversation I had with Rich leading up to our trip was about his excitement partnering with our team to achieve something together.  Rich was a soft spoken, stoic individual that had a great sense of humor.  Rich shared a passion and love for life that was compelling.  One night in Uganda Rich and I talked for almost 7 hours about life, marriage, parenting, who is Jesus and he shared a lot of his dreams.  Rich had an optimism about where life was taking him and at the time had a new desire to understand more of the story of Jesus.

Two weeks ago Rich passed away while on another build in Zambia.  This is a huge loss for Rich's wife, daughter & the world. Rich created smiles & life for hundreds if not thousands of people in Africa, South America, Central America, Europe & the US.  I'm grateful to have shared conversation, coffee & an amazing life experience with Rich.

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