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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Boys & Bikes

I have many joys as a dad, but something I really love is going for a bike ride with my sons.  We usually grab our bikes to make a quick trip to the grocery store or Target.  Starbucks & Yogurt-land can also be a motivator to go for a bike ride as well.

Going for a bike ride with a 10 & 9 year isn't always a relaxing or cruising experience.  In fact it hardly can be expected to be.  The bike ride is more of a, "How can we create a race every chance possible"?  

It's comical to see them jockeying for leader position racing around the cul-de-sac.  The mad dash to see who gets to the cross walk first to push the little "please let me walk button".  Then there is always the question of who will try to take a short cut through some shrubs that may or may not be full of thorns.

Really for me is riding behind both of them just watching them be boys.  To see them smile, laugh & embrace being together.  I love to see them enjoy being brothers and step into this moment where every moment has a tangible memorable sense to it.  I love watching my boys embrace their childhood and truly enjoy life together!

Dads, engage something active with your kids.  Live life with them, notice how they make choice, smile with them while having fun.  We don't know the memories we are creating for them but we need to be intentionally to give them moments where childhood can be tasted and not observed.

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