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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Passion verses Pessimism

Passion: a strong & barely controllable emotion.

I like passion.  I like passion that create conviction to do something with life that is against the norm.  I like seeing passion cause a well spring of motivation.  I like passion that makes someone so antsy they have to act with conviction to bring health, freedom & celebration to the world.  I like when passion convicts people to work hard & long to do something worth living for & not just waiting for someone else to create change.
I like passion that leads to people living a life free from guilt, despair, bondage & destructive life habits.

I dislike with pessimism messes with all this.  I really can't stand when pessimistic people hear the passion of a person spilled out into the world and respond with "that'll never happen!" or "Good luck failing at that" or "That sounds good, but that is not us and will never be how we do things".

I often wonder if pessimism is rooted in insecurity that someone else may have a better idea?  I wonder if the pessimistic person is so jaded by the thought/idea that health or change could be a reality?  Or could it be that they are not willing to risk a little bit or work a little smarter with their energies?

I want to be in a setting where passion leads me to risk & wonder.  Where my passion is not birthed from my agenda but from my desire to help lead people to a life filled with grace & love through Jesus.  Where passion allows leaders to rise up and lead others to places they thought were only dreams & yet are a very real, tangible existence that is within reach.  I want to walk past the pessimism and lead with conviction.

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