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Monday, May 20, 2013

Go Ahead...Spoil Her

I've been in several conversations lately about how we, as husbands, can care for our wives.  Some of the conversations have left me wondering why some husbands have a perspective of "the least I have to do is great" and others are willing to care for their spouse with more intentionality.  I have a personal conviction that caring for my wife in specific, tangible ways that'll bless her is crucial to my roll as Kim's husband.  Here is how I've practiced this value in the last few months:

I try to write Kim a serious letter once to twice a month.  This letter is intentional about why and how I value her as my wife or the mother of my sons.

I do dishes.  My wife can cook.  Not just casually but seriously she can cook and cook well!  So I love seeing her make a mess and create a beautiful culinary creation that I can then clean up.

I sent her away.  Kim really wanted to attend the LOVE DOES conference last week in Tacoma Washington.  So we budget & allowed our annual tax refund to be used on that trip for her.  This allowed her a chance to refresh her heart and soul.  

I clean.  Each week I intentionally tackle the bathrooms.  I clean the tubs, toilets, sinks, counters & mirror.  I know this little help each week allows Kim to enjoy a clean tub for a bath and bathroom when she's getting ready.  But beyond that two times a year we budget for cleaning team to come detail clean our house.  I do this before Christmas & right before summer and each time we love the feel in the house.

None of these are really life altering steps but they are little ways I intentionally try to care for my wife. I know many of you who follow this blog are husbands so lets' share our ideas, how do you try to care for you wife?

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