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Monday, May 20, 2013


I think a solid case could be made that rejection is one of the hardest realities & human pains we deal with.  The pain, scars & insecurities rejection leaves behind are not easily overcome.

The child who feels rejected by an absentee parent.
The spouse who realizes their life partner is choosing the arms of someone else.
The kid who nobody will sit with.
The professionals business proposal that was slaved over for hours only to be dismissed as an inadequate idea.

Rejection can easily creep into our identity and self-image.  We can allow the choices of others to shape who we feel we are and how we see our life worth.  When we approach life situations, people, opportunities and ideas and we put ourselves "out there" in whatever way and we get the NO, NOT GOOD ENOUGH, LAME, YOU ARE NOT WORTH MY COMMITMENT and any other response that can speak REJECTION cuts deep.

In certain areas of life rejection comes from a choice we make as individuals to put ourselves in a vulnerable place.  There is a truth that when we risk we may not succeed.  And without risking we'll never know the result.  But when we risk we also have to be prepared 

I'm not sure I have an answer or solution that allows rejection to never hurt, but what I do know are these three truths in my own life.

1--My identity cannot be found in the approval of others.  Galatians 1:10
If I try to please people in my life I'll never always get it right.  If I hold to my life convictions and keep perspective on life when I encounter rejection I know that Jesus never rejects me on any level.

2--My life cannot be defined by how a WIN over LOSS percentage.  Proverbs 1:1-7
I like winning.  I hate losing.  But if I make each encounter, relationship, risk, task about "winning vs losing" I'll never be able to enjoy the moments I'm in.  I'll be too focussed on the result and it will control me.

3--Taking one day at a time allows me to keep site on the big picture of my life.  Matthew 6:31-34
I have 5 core values that really are in every part of me.  Those core values allow me to see the longterm direction my life is taking.  When I get too focussed on the individual inconveniences It's hard to keep my eyes where Jesus would have me keep them.  

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