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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Rap

I told my small group of dudes I wrote a rap once.  In 2006 I was at a leadership summit with two key students and we were board so they bet me I couldn't write one.  
They lost & I enjoyed a Denny's Dinner cause they paid for it.
So from 2006, here it is;

We might be the left coast, but it is the best coast.
Right Coast. East Coast, ya'll don't know.
Surf, Sand, Sun each side rises & falls
But Diesel (Shaq played in Miami at the time) & Wade can ill in South Beach
Lighting & Bucs can win the Titles but
LA, NewPort, Diego ya'll can't match with our Sand, Sun & Fun--we just won!

Coast & Surf, Hunnies & Hotties, Players NOT fakers we roll like that.
Miami, na just kids play. Orlando--NOPE!!
Oh No
HB, Long Beach, Malibu...Big Kids World.

Choppers & PCH enjoy life you know you can't wait
to experience the Best Coast

P, Puff & Slim
Kid & Kobe get cut.
Mansions, $$, cars we all playing like Czars

Running Circles in Daytona you gotta feel like a bunch of loners.
Staples Center is where they hang, champs NOT chumps.

These words may not travel the miles of Shore
Across the Nation but we come to rest where God plays in the Pacific!

Atlantic--more like accident.
Waves of 3 get stuck by 8 rollers.

Don't be a hater just move, convert, get saved. Open your eyes to the world of Love & Fun.


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