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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walking: Part 2

I actually enjoy walking through crowds. 

It's odd but I hate driving through traffic and I enjoy walking through crowds. I've been known to turn walking through crowds into a game of sorts. I seem to have fun trying to maneuver around people or trying to pass a slow moving pocket of people with grace.  I treat it like a running back moving through a zone defense heading towards the end zone.

Trying to walk through crowds means at some point I will be walking against the grain of people.  In order to get to my destination through the masses of people that stand in my way I will have to fight through, around, over and maybe even under people that don't understand why I'm not walking the way they are.

You know the looks you get when that happens right? Disgust, anger, frustration, rudeness & aggressive attacks. There are even those that'll intentionally try to block your progress.

Walking through life has a lot of roadblocks in life you'll encounter.  It may be some severe situations or just a few subtle uncomfortable moments.  Roadblocks, crowds and going agains the grain in life is not the easiest thing or a comfortable idea.
However it doesn't mean it isn't worth the final outcome! 
Some people may choose to Give up & go around the crowd.  Fine for you but walking hours, years or frustrating seasons out of an opportunity for God to use me or teach me isn't my idea of going through life.

Find a seam to walk through.  Be diligent in the midst of traffic, no matter how much push back you'll be facing.  Wait for that one moment where you see "daylight" that little crack or seam in the crowd that God opens to continue to pursue toward a life of maturity in Christ.

Be patient & diligent, the experience of going against the grain is worth it!

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