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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Walking: Part 1

I'm not a city guy in the sense that I'd wanna live in a high-rise setting but I love urban settings. I love the diversity of people & foods.  The variety of cultures, shopping opportunities and the fact you could walk anywhere you wanna go.  San Francisco, LA, Chicago, Denver, San Diego, Atlanta, Washing D.C., London & Kampala have all been urban settings that I've spent a significant amount of time taking in all of these.

I like walking cause it's not running. I like walking cause I can watch & notice life. I like walking cause there is a rhythm to walking and for this guy it's about he only rhythm I have.
I however do not like walking aimlessly. Even if I have no agenda, no plan & no set time frame I still like to have a final destination I am going to arrive at.  Now I don't care if I walk a total of 10 miles in a roundabout way when my destination was only 500yds away on a straight line but I need that final destination as a focal point.

Going through life can be full of rich opportunities if we pay attention & notice.  Life with Jesus allows us to enjoy the world around us.  The intricacies of our world and take it all in, but it also gives us a focal point.  A place where we know we need to keep our eyes on.

Life with Jesus calls us to steps of maturity.  Steps that reflect experiences & growth.  Steps that allow us to see & observe life and be a part of it.  Steps that allow us to see the diversity of life and how our lives can be a part of it to be able to share Jesus with a world that desperately needs it.

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