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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Walking: Part 3

"I think we parked over there" was a statement repeated for 1.5 hours while taking in a unique view of downtown San Diego. I had 12 students with me & got all befuddled about where we parked. Pre-iPhone pin dropping on a map you'd have to actually be diligent about where you parked. Notice street signs, observe landmarks & trust your wife's intuition!

I have a really good sense of direction & coordinates.  But that doesn't mean I may still make a mistake.  Thank goodness too because I can acknowledge & be ok that I'm not perfect.

Growing up in Colorado, hiking & camping you have to navigate well. Maps, compass, land marks all become your friends. You have to notice details, be attentive & double check yourself.  Navigating in a setting that is unfamiliar, exciting, risky, scary, life altering & mysterious can be a bit tricky. 
Peter reflects on this in 1 Peter 2:11, that as we sojourn through life there are certain hazards, as followers of Jesus, we must be attentive too.  We may get off track & get lost, but our trusting Jesus life direction is key to us being able to enjoy the journey we are on.

I've been lost & will probably get lost again.  I'm not afraid to ask for directions or use a map.  I'm not afraid to take a risk & sneak around a corner to "check something out" but I also know that without desiring my life to reflect Jesus, some of those corners may lead to dead ends.

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