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Thursday, January 03, 2013

Mount Hermon Camp Speaking

There is this rad camp in NorCal called Mount Hermon.  It's been around a long time and while we were in ministry in central California we had several families attend there for family camp.  I was invited in 2011 to speak at a summer camp & was invited back this past December for their Fall/Winter camp.

I love the chance to teach in a setting that is unfamiliar, uncomfortable & full of unknowns.  I love the conversations with students, leaders & youth pastors that I've never met before and love teaming with a para-church ministry that gets it!  Charlie Broxton leads the Ponderosa camp and being a youth ministry lifer he knows the needs of the local church as well as how a week or weekend at camp can be catalytic for your ministry.

Mount Hermon is a camp I would highly consider our own ministry setting going to if it wasn't 9 hours away to get to.  But if you can get there with ease, you really should check it out.

Here is the highlight video they made from the weekend I was there-

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