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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sexuality & Spirituality

Every year we always make sure we address Sexuality and the lives of students.  It is always a highlight of the year from a teaching perspective.  Students seem to open up with tons of questions & comments when we are willing to address a major topic of discussion in their lives.

Here is how the weeks broke down-

Week 1: Sexuality defined
Taking this from A HOLY LONGING by Ronald Rolheiser

Sexuality is not simply about finding a lover or even finding a friend. it is about overcoming separateness by giving life and blessing it. Thus, in its maturity, sexuality is about giving oneself over to community, friendship, family, serving, creativity, humor, delight & martyrdom so that, with God, we can help bring life into the world.  When you see any person--man, woman or child--who in a moment of serving, affection, love, friendship, creativity, joy or compassion is, for that moment, so caught up in what is beyond him or her that for that instant his or her separateness from others is overcome, you are seeing sexuality in its mature bloom.Sex is not just like anything else, despite our cultures statements. Its fire is so powerful, so precious, so close to the heart & soul of a person, and so Godly, that it either gives life or it takes it away. It CAN NEVER BE CASUAL, but is either a sacred act or a destructive act. 

We really challenged students to rethink what they view of sexuality is and how it impacts their every day life.  Sexuality is about connection & before any connection with another person can happen each individual must be connected with Jesus on a deep level.

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