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Friday, May 18, 2012

Sexuality & Spiritually part 2

The 2nd & 3rd week of the series we addressed these ideas & challenged students to think intently about life before they act.

We started off a night by asking these two questions to students.
How do you Handle your desires? 
Where do they lead you? 

With those questions we used a burning flame (isopropyl alcohol in a metal bucket) to help us visually illustrate that if we aren't careful misusing our sexuality can leave everyone burned.  

We would dump out the individual buckets so the alcohol & fire would burn openly on the floor and it really was a great illustration for students to see visually while we shared these four ways students can address their desires and where those desires can lead.

In order to implement self-control you have to be able to FUEL your desires, DELAY your desires or STARVE your desires based on what they'll do to you & others around you.  Fuel desires that reflect following Jesus, starve desires that'll leave pain & regret.  **These statements really seemed to resonate with students.

We challenged the "#YOLO" idea that everything ends in a fun party because what ends up happening is we compromise our standards for the sake of our own selfish desires.  Selfish decisions are always about ME and do not think of others.

We pushed students to ask the question "where is this action or thinking going to lead me?"  Often when we make careless decisions it is from lack of life experience or being naive to what we observe in the world around us.

The 3rd week of the series Kim and I shared our personal dating, marriage & life story and challenged every student to think differently about life, sexuality, spirituality & their faith in Christ.

Through the entire series we had questions after questions from students that really showed myself, my wife & our adult mentors that students really tried to think differently.

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