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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Voice of a Prophet

Gustave Dore--The prophet Amos

I'm reading a book right now that is very encouraging & also a really good book to do some self reflecting through.  It has had some great encouragements as a pastor but also as a communicator it has forced me to ask some good questions of myself.

I came across this statement today, 
"The prophet seldom tells a story, but casts events.  He rarely sings, but castigates.  He does more than translate reality into a poetic key: he is a preacher whose purpose is not self-expression or the "purgation of emotions," but communication.  His images must not shine, they must burn!'
To me this statement is a very clear explanation of what a prophets voice was intended to, and you see it through the Scriptures.  You see strong statements that caused people & nations to tremble.  You see gut wrenching calls of repentance & there was not a lot of gray area with prophets.  But prophets in the scriptures always carried a message from God to address an injustice with the way God intended the world to work.  Whether it be between Himself and humanity or between how humanity was treating itself.

I believe firmly that majority of the prophets statements you see through Isaiah, Amos, Daniel, Micah, etc., would fall on deaf ears today because we have a society that is numb to injustice & turns a downcast glance to societies untouchable conversations.  Which begs all the more for voices of truth to be clear, concise, not to manipulate emotions & have a clear mark on the message.

As a communicator where each week I have an audience that needs truth, love, encouragement, grace, direction, conviction, standards & mercy I am asking myself;
What images do I communicate that BURN into someones being?  

Do I allow the voice of the Holy Spirit to speak to me about what others need to hear?

Am I conscious of the injustices in the lives of people I meet with so I can speak freedom & truth into those circumstances?

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