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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Famous People I Know

Well the world of youth ministry does have some perks-

Meet Coleton Ray.  

He's a 7th grader in our Jr High ministry and an actor.  He was in the movie HOP as the young Fred O'Hare.    I got him to sign my HOP movie cover so I can add it to my stellar autograph collection!

Cole is a good kid, who thinks intentionally about his faith.  It's been fun to have some conversations with him about acting, life, movies, plays & follow Jesus.  When we had a discussion about the masks we wear, it really resonated with Cole cause as an actor you HAVE to wear a mask for a certain role and you have to be careful not to assume that character off the set.

I joke with him that when he knows a movie need a few extra's to call me up and I'll be there.  Who knows, maybe one day he'll be in a movie where they need a preacher??

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