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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Laughter & Smiles in Youth Ministry

Normally on Wednesday nights we have students in homes for small groups but this week we decided to make a change.  We met at a neutral location, put together a VERY simple fun night that was a combination between Minute to Win It games & Family Feud.  
Throughout the night while students were together there was laughter, tons of conversations & a great amount of bonding.  We even had a few students come who don't normally go to small groups.  I walked away knowing that it was worth it to restructuring the week for our student community.

It led me to think about a few key comments to remind myself, our volunteers & student leaders.

--Let's be ok doing something different & not expecting perfection

--Bonding moments are needed but they need to be varied.  A few weeks ago we did a reflecting workshop night & tonight we did a fun interactive night.  Both were out of the normal & both have high rewards.

--Don't ever let the "I'm too cool for this" vibe students give off dictate decisions.  Be the leader while you engage, encourage & equip students to enjoy life in community following Jesus

--Laugh with them & enjoy the moments they enjoy.  Relationships are deepened & trust is built when students see us enjoying life with them.

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