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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Reflecting at the Beach

There is a rhythmic progression of an ocean.  The vast blue is full of energy & is a constant flow of power that engulfs every aspect of anything that enters it.  There is a touch the water as to ones body.  It is intimate.  You cannot be in the water & not have it embrace all of you.  This ocean is a source of joy, laughter, life & yet could kill you quickly.  There is power & peace-both cannot be overlooked.  We must always be a mindful respect for what the ocean is.

I believe our relationship with GOD is similar.

To be mindful of the DIVINE who wants to embrace all of you for healing, peace & extend to you a power that none can truly fathom.  As the surf is mesmerizing, relaxing & invigorating we see Jesus describing Intimacy with the Spirit of God to be the same.  To know & experience life one must know & experience the creator of LIFE.

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