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Friday, January 13, 2012

Power of Words

This past week our church staff got away for two days to dream, brainstorm, evaluate & do some planning.  The power of team pray, gathering, evaluating & listening to one another is a high value for me on this staff.

Before the two days were over we went around the circle we were in & affirmed one another with words of what we value & like about a teammate.  Brian (Senior Pastor) had me be first, but before I let anyone share I grabbed my iPhone & recorded everyone's comments as a voice memo.  I was asked later why I would do this and my reply was "cause I know I'll be discouraged one day and this could be a reminder for me".

People love to be valued & desperately need to have messages of truth spoken into their life.  People need positive reinforcement through caring words & actions...especially leaders.

I've learned to enjoy the comments of affirmation people say about me.  I listen intently to what they are saying.  I allow myself to embrace the words & I also process what have I done to allow them to say those things.

The people you are around that you have an influence over, go affirm them.  It could be your spouse, kids, employees, neighbor or grocery store clerk.  Affirm them, encourage them, validate them & speak truth into their day.  Who knows, you might be the only voice of truth they get to hear

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