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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Laziness isn't just a part of our culture...part 2

Jesus also tells this really rad parable about hard work, you can read it here .

To be asked to do something well with someone else's resources is scary.  It's scary cause you don't want to offend the person that has asked you of this task.  Your nervous because you want to do well, but sometimes your decision may be a gamble.

But here is how I process things like this.  If someone asks of me a task then they feel comfortable enough to ask me or they trust me enough to ask me.  The key is I want to work as hard as I can to be able to show them all my efforts & the result.  

As a football coach I'd always say I'd take the less of an athlete if he's the harder worker.  You can coach up a kid who'll bust his butt and give you his best.  Most of the pro athletes in the NFL were NOT the best college athlete, but they are the hardest worker.

Don't be lazy when asked to do something.

Real Life Example

Teen 1--I hate having a job.  They make me work!
Teen 2-- Why is working so bad, you get paid.
Teen 1-- Yeah but why can't I just sit around and make money.
Teen 2-- Cause that's not called work.  That's called Laziness.
Teen 1-- SO!!
Teen 2-- Tell me that last LAZY person you saw do something with their life?
Teen 1-- .....uuhhh
Teen 2-- EXACTLY!  Stop whining and make some money.  Who knows if you figure out how to work hard you might get a raise.
Me-- or you might be able to actually get better grades or finally pass math for the 3rd time
Teen 1-- or I can just play XBOX...
(his own laughter followed as we rolled our eyes)

Working hard isn't something our culture wants to do.  But the people I meet, students or adults, that I respect are those that have a solid work ethic.

As a dad & pastor I'm trying to model this as much as teach it.  But a hard work ethic doesn't mean you are always working.  It means you work hard when you have to work hard so you can then relax when its time to relax.

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