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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Laziness isn't just a part of our culture...part 1

There is cool parable Jesus tells about getting hired, working & getting paid-you can read it here.

I love the argument people have, "Hey I worked all day, why does that slouch who only worked 1 hour get the same wage as me?"
I think it's a fair argument & I've even used that argument with an employer. 

But I think it also reveals something.  A pride attitude and pride can look a lot like laziness.
The mindset of "I'm above that task of hard work so therefore I don't have to do it".  That type of thinking isn't just about pride, but there is also a selfish laziness attitude there.  Jesus dealt with it then, we can deal with it now.  We just need to deal with it & help lead people out of it.

Real life example:
Teen 1--Yes I'm pissed I got the car taken away for 2 weeks.  I mean the garage being a mess is my brother's fault not mine?
Me--Yeah but didn't they ask you to help clean it?
Teen 1--But why should I.  It was going to take time away from going out
Me--How much time?
Teen 1--15 minutes.
Me--So for losing 15 minutes of going out you jeopardized some freedom for 2 weeks.  Was it worth it?
Teen 1--Nope...but at least i still didn't have to work at cleaning the garage.

Now don't get me wrong I understand both sides here and with my own kids the "its not fair" phrase is already in our house.  But maybe the perspective change could be "Yep it isn't fair.  But it is helpful, caring & selfless loving".  Maybe I'm too much of a humanity optimistic person that if a community of people are living in a selfless loving way it is infectious in the most positive way.

I don't know, it seems to me the call of Jesus in radically alternative living actually creates change that is healthy for everyone!

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