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Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas Recap

Yes I know Christmas is almost 14 days behind us but here is our family recap:

-- Lego's, we built a lot of them 
-- Hang time.  We vegged but we were not lazy.  We did all the family stuff we always wanted to do but without the "time to go to work" phrase.
-- Flirting...there was a lot of flirting.  Maybe cause I was home all day for 5 straight days.  I realized that I need to flirt more with my wife even if I'm not around during the day.
-- Movies....we love movies and we watched 5 of them.  REDBOX was our friend for 5 straight days.
-- Football at the park
-- Skype with Grandparents & cousins to still watch each other open presents
-- Laughter.  Our family laughed a lot with each other & at each other.

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