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Monday, January 16, 2012

Cruise Ship Tragedy

I'm sure many of us have seen the pictures of the Costa Concordia ship sitting on its side in the Italian waters.  There is a huge sense of empathy for those parents who scrambled to find their kids, the spouses who clung close to each other to be sure they both got off the ship & to those who tragically did lose someone in his accident.

What bugs me is what has been reported about the captain.

The Captain Ran Away

Seriously, let that set in-He left & went to shore to take care of HIMSELF.  The captain chose to leave his responsibility, make an erroneous navigational error & people lost their lives.  Here is a hard truth of leadership...others come first.
If you are a key leader & your role has you overseeing the safety, health & protection of other peoples lives you will be held to a higher standard.  Your role automatically means you care about other peoples lives before your own.  Leadership isn't pretty and often you'll be in a setting where you have to make a split decision that has drastic outcomes.  When those moments happen your character & leadership quality will be revealed.

Leaders be sure you evaluate your heart before you take on a role.  Don't just grab a role of authority for the perks or the spotlight.  Check yourself and have an honest conversation evaluating if your heart & mind is in the right position to carry out your duties.  Remind yourself that other people's lives are on the line and your choices have a large & wider ripple effect.

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