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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sticks & Stones....

I saw this image on the web a while back & have it saved on my desk top.  I've looked at it often as a reminder that my words can either be volatile or life giving.

This picture, to some degree, explains a little about my childhood.  I had a step-father that verbally lashed out to me and my mom.  The words sat in the extremities of my being and as development in my life happened the statements of doubt, discouragement & lack of identity were always there to fight.  Now I'm thankful I had a mom & grandmother who constantly spoke encouragement and value into my life and I learned to listen to their voices over my step-fathers.

The reason I think this picture is so gripping visually is the choke-hold illustration.  Words of negativity, degradation, defame, hurt, insensitivity & message that say you're not worth anything can choke the life out of people.  Don't believe me?  Observe the world around you.  How many people do you work with or know that lack confidence?  Whom have you interacted with that communicates with pain & spite? Ever wonder why they behave that way?  When you encourage someone consistently what happens to them, do they fall apart or do they get built up?

Any type of leadership role you need to consider your words.  Husband, father, V.P., coach, CFO, manager, teacher, Doctor, contractor...whatever you do in your day realize what you are saying to others affects them.

I'm a father of two boys....this picture IS NOT what I want to do to either of them.  I want my words to affirm them, guide them, instruct them, empower them, encourage them, speak truth & love to them.

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