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Monday, December 19, 2011

Questions are Ok

We've been doing this series in all of student ministry

It's been insightful for some and blasé for others.  Of those that have found it insightful and told me so is because we've given students room to offer doubt & questions in public.   Each of the verses or sections of scripture we've taught on we've helped students see the deeper story.  And a large part of those accounts we have looked at bring about questions of doubt and uneasiness.

Creating space for people to wrestle with their faith and have doubt at the same time is a powerful way for people to be able to own their faith.  Here's few thoughts I have as to why;

1- Nothing is perfect or makes perfect sense.  By nature faith is a TRUST.  To Trust something, especially the idea of God or Nature of God, without having all the answers keeps the power in the divine.  Students know the world is broken and to have a place to ask questions that reflect those doubts without ridicule or harassment allows them to actually ask a question while looking for answer.
2- Doubts are natural.  Every kid on the side of a pool being prompted to jump to a parent wonders if that parent really will catch them.  Many teenagers question if God's truth really will alter their life or is just a moral message to prevent eternal damnation.  Giving them room to process those doubts out loud gives them room to feel like their voice matters.
3- I believe God works in places of doubt.  Look through the Psalms, about 1/3 are of doubt or lament....yet God still shows up.  The accounts in scripture of God showing up through the doubt or loss of hope is IMMENSE.  God moves in places of doubt & when Students experience that faith roots grow much deeper
I love giving students opportunities in community settings to share honest feelings & be encouraged that being perfect and having everything all together is how you follow Jesus.  

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