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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

People I Learn from part 4 of 6

Kim Bowers [My Wife]--Creativity is Worth It

My wife can make beauty out of the most random stuff.  I swear my wife looks at a pile of the most odds and ends things and she designs artsy, crafty works of wonder.  The beauty she creates inspires me and my sons.  My wife has a creative mind.  

She looks at life through the eye of an artist, she embraces the little nuances that most people walk past, she pauses over little elements, looks intently at the unique and she helps our family enjoy life a little differently.  I can't tell you how many subtle nuances she notices when we are outdoors hiking, on the beach, looking at art, taking pictures, reading a book together or just randomly talking.

But why is creativity so inspiring?  Why is it when we see someone, or something, so creative we stop and feel a little bit of awe or wonder?  I am convinced that we enjoy creative elements in life because we aren't able to do "THAT".  Think about it, the last time you saw something creative what thoughts came to your mind?  For me it is usually, "How did they do that?".

I long to be better than what I am.  I long to be more talented in all the areas I have ZERO talent in.  I want to be able to inspire people.  I want to be able to motivate people by my mind, talents, heart & birthing of my soul....basically I get jealous of those who are better than me.  My wife's creativity with arts, crafts, photography makes me jealous.  But I've discovered this is a good jealousy.  It's a jealousy that drives me to tell her to KEEP IT UP!  When she keeps creating she helps me see life through a different lens, she gives my sons a perspective on life that is helping them form who they are, she is using the gifts God has given her and she is being human in the most beautiful sense.

Here is the hard part for me.  Being Creative means you have to slow down enough in life to express the creativity in you in ways that take practice.  Creativity takes time.  Creativity DOES NOT just happen.  It is processed, it is cultivated, it is thought upon, it is experienced, it is tried, it is practiced.  It takes time to allow all of that to happen.

I've learned from my wife that the details in all areas help life to be more Creative.  My wife has helped my lens for creativity increase and she has helped me gain a stronger desire to observe creativity in my daily life.  I've learned from my wife that when we are creative and we allow creativity to be in our life we actually live life with a lighter step, a sense of being ALIVE, a joy for the radical in the mundane & we rub off on people.

I love my wife for a lot of reasons, but I've learned that Creativity is Worth it.

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