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Thursday, December 08, 2011

People I Learn From part 5 of 6

Brian Berry--"Better" is Worth Fighting For

Ever meet someone who is as loud as life but is as gentle as a puppy?  How about someone who can look at any problem and say "I can fix that" and actually mean it?  How about someone who laughs like they actually are living life to the fullest?

Meet my friend, Brian Berry.

Brian is a man of many talents, but the biggest one is being a husband of 1 & father of 5 kids.  Brian is a Youth Pastor veteran of 18 years and has a ministry track record of "GET IT DONE" personna.  Brian is someone who is always, and I mean ALWAYS, working to making everything he is involved with better.  He is one of the few people I've met that fights every day as hard as he can to make life better.  In the 4 years that I've been privilege to share life, family & ministry with Brian I have learned from him that Better is really worth fighting for.  Better marriage, better parenting, better ministry setting for students, better explosions, better food....BETTER is worth fighting for.

Brian has been a confident friend who is someone that I can make the emergency phone call to cry on his shoulder, a fellow dad I can share highlights & lowlights of parenting with, a youth pastor I can team with to allow ministry to be more effective & someone that can make me laugh.  Brian is a guy that I LOVE being around.  He is the type of person that when you share life with him you are challenged to fight for a better life.  You are challenged to work hard at what you are doing to make it better because of Brian's encouragement.

I've learned from Brian Berry that a Better life, ministry, marriage, parenting, leadership skills or desert explosions are all worth fighting for to make it happen.

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