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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Youth Ministry Is Worth It

Tonight we did a Church on Location change to our normal high school service.  We met at the beach in San Clemente with 5 student baptisms.  One of them was Austin.  I love this first picture because before we baptized Austin his father and I prayed over him.  The imagery of this picture is so powerful to me.  Two men helping holding up a younger man during a wave to be sure he doesn't fall.  Austin has a great relationship with his dad and sadly this is a minority in my ministry setting.  But to have this honor with Austin's dad was so fun!

Austin is a student I've known for the last 2 years and I've watched him grow as a young man trying to follow Jesus into a MAN who is following Jesus.  Austin is a student who weekly is wrestling with his faith, sharing his faith and trying to use his life to bless others.  Austin is a senior in high school who doesn't just talk about making a difference but he actually makes a difference with his life.

As a youth pastor Austin is the type of student who is willing to rub shoulders with me in leadership & in life.  So proud of Austin for taking this step of faith in declaring to the world his life is radically altered based on his desire to follow Jesus.

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