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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My week summed up

This week here are my learnings:

  • My calendar is my calendar.  I need to own it, control it & not let anyone else try to jack with it.
  • Students are hurting & so are there families, but not everyone wants helps.  Sometimes sitting back is the hardest part of youth ministry.
  • Jesus will wait for me.  My personal time in the scriptures this week hasn't been for nourishment or connection.  I feel the Holy Spirit telling me "I'm HERE"...but i've had a lousy time saying "so am I"
  • I miss Colorado.  I miss the fall, the snow, the seasons, the slow drivers, the easy hiking & outdoor opportunities....oh and the cheaper cost of living.
  • I've got some incredible students who I'm watching grow into disciples of Jesus.  I'm blessed, encouraged, humbled & challenged that they allow their life to intersect with mine!
  • I like my church staff.  This week I've laughed a lot with many of them.
  • My wife is gorgeous, my sons are young men who need me & our family is enjoying the journeys of life right now

  • This picture i really love...and yes I will make a video about it real soon!

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