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Friday, September 16, 2011

How to Use Your Day Off

This is an article I wrote for
Messages are prepped, Small Group leaders have been communicated with, staff meetings are over, the critical emails have been answered, and now it’s time for you day off. You do take days off, right? Well here are a couple ideas for how to take full advantage of that time.
Go Dark
If you don’t turn off the cell phone, email, or doorbell to anyone but family, you should set up that boundary. There's nothing wrong with you putting some serious boundaries around who can have your time on your day off. For most youth workers we give and give of ourselves, and there needs to be a time where we can know we don’t have to be “on.” There will always be one more thing to do, but if you don’t take a break from the to-do list, you could be consumed by business and lose your effectiveness.
Love Your Family
I have a wife and two kids. I really try hard to care for them in the midst of my normal workweek schedule, but I make an extra effort to do something special for or with them on my day off. My marriage and my effectiveness as a parent is better when I pour into my family when I have no other distractions. Visit your kids at school, go on a lunch date with your wife, clean the house, or pick up the kids from school early and grab some ice cream. Love them practically, but intentionally

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