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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Colorado, Camping, Culture

Over the summer we were able to head home to Colorado for some time with extended family.  Kim and I are from Colorado and we are very fond of our roots.  We love the state, what it offers with season & being outdoors and we love the culture.
What do I mean by culture?
The Orange County part of Southern California moves at a pace & has an unspoken value system unlike any other area in the US we've lived.  Much of the area we love and much of the area we dislike.  It's funny when we go back to Colorado how easy it is to sink back into the culture there.  The culture of a slower speed, both on the highways & in the day to day life.  The culture of not being around the beach means that Botox, fake implants and orange spray isn't the "norm" for everyone.  The culture that means diversity and multi-ethnicity is everywhere you go.  I love being able to show my son's areas where Kim and I used to hang in high school & where we grew up!

We also camped this summer again in a favorite spot of ours, Yosemite.  It was a great week with a ton of family time and memories.  We've have become very fond of a few locations in Yosemite that allow us to kick back, relax, breathe deep of God' creation and just play with our kids.  We explore & adventure off the beaten path to wherever we choose too.  I love the family memories and foundations we are creating with our boys when it comes to the outdoors and this family tradition.  I love being able to peel away the everyday and step into a simple way of life that is purely encompassed by the creation of God and the joy of just living!

I like going against the grain...always have and I think I always will.  Part of that is what draws me to the teachings of Jesus in a 1st century set of eyes.  To understand what & how Jesus taught YOU HAVE TO LOOK AT THE CULTURE He lived also have to step back & realize that He is God.  He spoke to the core of people and helped them see how they are living isn't the best way.  I love being able to have an outside view on life compared to people around me that have always lived in and around Orange County.  I enjoy being able to ask a couple question that bring a different perspective into the conversation.  The culture I love the most tho is the culture of people who realize the gospel of Jesus needs to affect EVERY area of life and in that we all can learn, challenge, grow together while the Kingdom of Jesus is glorified.  I am grateful for those at Mission Hills Church that are desiring & striving for just that.

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