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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I've been thinking about two "P" words lately, so hear are my thoughts.

I love being a dad.  I never had a dad...well I never had a dad that showed me he wanted to be a dad.  Since I was 13 I didn't have a male figure in my life and before 13 the male figures I had weren't worth jack.  I've had to learn how to be a dad from other men in my life that I respect and value how they live their life.  My role has a parent is unique.  I truly believe that I am NOT raising really good kids.  In fact I don't want to raise "really good kids".  I want to raise kids who Love Jesus authentically, live for Him recklessly and are blessing to society.  I actually might be ticked if I get older and my kids are known as just "really good kids".
As a dad I am trying to teach & train my kids manners, respect, values, Truth, fun & a ton of other stuff.

I am called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ according to the Old & New Testament.  I relish that role even though I fought God on this when He first started to nudge me.  I enjoy seeing the gospel be accepted in to the lives of teenagers & watching transformation take place.  I love being a voice of mercy, compassion, love, Truth in the every day life of people.  This role has allowed me some great life opportunities that I don't know if I'd have in another area of life.

So there the P words I've been thinking about.  In my thinkings I've had to ask myself some serious questions and here they are.

I love to teach scriptures, but do I model or preach it to my kids?
I want my sons to see that dad models what he believes and doesn't just talk about it.  If I just talk about this "life changing message" but never live it out what good am I doing for my sons?  I want to help my children learn how to think for themselves and in that I want them to have a flesh and bone model to reflect on.

What spirit passions do I have that I try to push on my kids or do I try to help them nurture their own?
This is a biggie for me as my sons are a bit older and beginning to show desires and passions of their own.  I don't want to push my passions on my kids for the things of the kingdom, but want them to develop their own.  I have a huge heart for oversea's justice missions, but if my kids have a huge heart for local backyard outreach I don't want them to feel bad cause they aren't doing what dad is doing.  I want to create space for them to hear God's voice and follow him regardless of what it looks like.

Do I live the calling as a dad before the calling of a pastor?
If I answer Yes to this then I win, my family win's and the kingdom win's.  If my calling as a pastor EVER and I mean EVER takes precedent over the biblical mandate to be a Godly husband and father then something is WAY out of whack.  When that happens I have a friend who'll be at my front door with a 2x4 to smack me around....and that's after my wife does :)
I have a deep conviction & it is reflected biblically that my calling as a dad is greater than that of a pastor.  This gives me freedom so I can say NO to "ministry" when family needs to be the YES.

Welcome to my cranium lately people!  You are welcome to comment-

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