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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Trustworthy Leadership

During this summer I've been gone more than home….literally.  You count the days since June 6th & I've been gone more days than I have been home.  My family has navigated this due to part of me being gone has been family vacations & a couple ministry events that they've been able to join me on.  But when it comes to our student ministry there is always an angst that "everything will go ok".

It really is that false idea that "as long as the pastor is present everything goes ok"

Yep I fall into that stupid idea too!

During my absense 2 Sunday's in a row I was able to leave things in COMPLETE TRUST to two people

I introduce to you Mitch who is a GREAT volunteer in our high school ministry.  This guy has been a huge joy for me to have as a volunteer & share some life with.  He's a great attorney & has a HUGE heart for the kingdom.  We've had some great conversations about life, marriage, ministry, law, teenagers, faith risks, kingdom mentality living & a ton more.
On one Sunday He taught our Theology class in the morning & our High School service that night.  He stepped up as a volunteer, covered all the details with exact-ness & I knew our students were in trusted hands.

Another Sunday I invited a former student back to teach for me--Sergio Garces.  I've known Sergio since he was 11 years old and now at 22 he is full on living for the kingdom.  I had Mitch M/C the night and Sergio taught.  Again another Sunday where I wasn't present but ministry was in trusted hands.

But both these nights these men had another 4-5 leaders around running our cafe, multimedia, set-up/clean-up & being with students.

I love our volunteers, leaders & people who care about the lives of teenagers enough to invest into them.  Ministry cannot be done alone & healthy ministry cannot exist without healthy leaders who realize that "the pastor duty" is as much theirs as it is mine.

Love ya Mitch & Sergio!!!

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