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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Summer Chaos or Captivating?


This summer has been NON-STOP for us as a family.  From ministry events, friend hang outs, family vacations, football camps & impromptu happenings….we've had a packed summer.

A few times people asked "how do you do it?" and/or "aren't you tired of going?".  Each time the response has been NO.  When the calendar you live by is set by you & what you invest into is a joy, love & passion it isn't too much.  It takes some creative calendar planning as well as comical laundry juggling but it has been a blast.

We have one life to live and our family values & the kingdom needs to be impacted.  I only have so many years to invest in my kids lives & I need to be intentional in doing that.  
I only have so much time with teenagers in our ministry before they move on & I want to be the best pastor I can for them while they are around.

Business can be an adjective people use for their life as a bragging right or to reveal pain/frustration.  I don't characterize life/ministry as busy, it is either effective or ineffective.  I need my family to enjoy our captivating moments of life, fun, experiences that give us all a world perspective, I don't need my family telling me that the chaos of my job is hurting them, I refuse to  do that!

Just a bit of thoughts that I've processed this summer in midst of questions & personal observations...and to all who have been curious, our summer has been great!!

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