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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Reading for Wisdom as a Parent

I've been reading this book and it has been a huge amount of wisdom, creative juices as well as humbling facts about boys and my role in raising them.  So fare I've had two big take aways.

1- Each stage of life has specific needs boys must have met.  If they aren't met then boys can be forced to be delayed in their development.  However, delayed in their development doesn't mean complete failure or loss of practical identity of who they become.  I have had to reflect on how I am meeting my son's needs as well as how I've missed giving them some needed care and what I can do to help "catch-up"

2- Boys are fun.  Boys need fun to help them develop.  Boys need adventure & boys need a sense of wild abandonment or their brains do not develop properly.  If they are constrained, sheltered or confined in ways that restrict who they are hardwired as God has seen fit they can actually lose part of who they are that can honor God.  So praise Jesus for wild crazy fun with a huge sense of curiosity that doesn't have to lead to answers but exploration!

 You can order it by clicking here---

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