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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Adventures in Life Management

Lately there has been some serious thinking on my part as to what needs to happen every day & what I want to happen every day.  Both lists seem to be at odds with each other.  There are some obvious task driving/job related tasks I need to do as a pastor on a staff, but there are also very specific ideas I'd like to see happen everyday as a husband, father & pastor.

So here is a few items on my list & how I am trying to manage them for success and health.

Time to read my bible daily
Make no mistake I do not read my bible because I am a pastor.  I read my bible because I believe in the life giving message of God & the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In that I know that as a husband & father I need to know God so I can live my life the way He desires me too.

Family Fun
Be this a letter/note to my kids or wife, A goofy text or picture, nerf war or a fun family idea written down to be completed later....I want to help instigate family fun daily.  I need to be sure that my to-do list never distracts me from leading and living life with some serious fun.

Danny gets to dream
I need time to write.  I need time to dream & work on projects that help me nourish my soul.  Often these items get pushed to the side because "I run out of time".  However I need to try to buffer that.  I notice that when I put time into dreaming and work on some of these projects they actually energize me to get through tough/frustrating times

Student Time
I am a pastor to students.  By definition I need to be with students to know how to pastor them.  I try really, really hard to weekly connect with a variety of students but I can never meet up with all of them.  So I try to meet with as many as I can, as often as I can.

I try to lump as much administrative work into 1 day of my week & I do this for a couple reasons.  I can do admin work and I can do it well, but I don't like it.  If i can gear myself up mentally to tackle admin duties for one whole day I seem to be able to give myself freedom the rest of the week to enjoy other aspects of my job.

Family Future
I need to try to continue to make family time, date time, figure out vacations, pay bills, think about how to keep our family on a single income, etc, etc.  I need to give time to this so our family can breathe more than hold their breathe for life to be healthy.

There's some bits of my list.  Wanna add any for me?  Got any you'd wanna share?

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