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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Chameleon Leadership

Key Leadership is a bit of a dance of how you interact with people.  People have these things called "personalities" that influence how they act, respond, interpret what you say.  As a leader of any setting (your home, business, community, ministry setting) you have to remember that your personality and take on life isn't always going to align with other peoples personalities.

And it is ok!!

There isn't a rule that says,"all personalities have to agree".  But I believe there is a need for healthy leaders to know how to work with those around them.  Healthy leaders need to be able to chameleon their leadership.  Not that they are wishy washy in their leadership, but realize certain people respond differently.  


Some people you share life & leadership settings with you need to come along side & encourage them.  Brighten their day.  They need empathy, encouragement, high-five's & they need it consistently.  They need to know they add value & warmth to the setting they serve in.  

Some people you need to get in their face.  You honestly need to take a loving approach but they need a healthy reminder or a kick in the pants to stay on track or get back on track.  This approach needs to be handled appropriately and I DO NOT think you do this when you are angry with them.  This type of person probably has a potential they don't always remember and as a leader with them you need to remind them as to what is most important.  Often I see these conversations take place when some sorts of frustration on performance or reliability are occurring.

Lock Horns and wrestle.  Some people need challenging conversations to help them think about what they are doing with their life, values, resources & talents.  Some people need challenging moments to really ask "Why do I do this" or "Why do I believe this?".  Often these types of conversations can be with people who can be life long chisels in your life.  Helping you become "sharper" at who you are & what you do.  Healthy wrestling with issues, topics, ideas, values, morals & standards allows broader perspective.

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