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Monday, April 04, 2011

Funny or Leadership Principle?

This past weekend my wife and I got some R&R without the boys and it was a nice get away.  We LIVE where people vacation and yes we know we are blessed to have the scenic views of the Beach, Disneyland, Orange County, Southern California weather and all that.  However we also have with that the high cost of living.  Quite often I see things where I live that make me go "Hmmmm"

Like this:

Now this guy is driving a convertible 500 series BMW transporting Lawn Furniture to his house.  He is enjoying his ride and getting his new stuff home in a creative way.  He actually jumped on the 405 freeway to get his stuff home.  But was this an irresponsible short cut he took or a smart decision?

I promise you the conversation went something like this...
Honey you sure this is safe?
Yeah babe, we can do this.  It'll be fine.
It won't fall out?
No I hope not.  Ok get in lets go

 I've pulled this same move before with a similar conversation.  I've done things that "work" but may not be the best.  And I think often, it is ok to do things that are un-conventionaly even if not "the right way". Because, in some life cases, the "right way" was created by someone, somewhere in the linear groove of history to try to improve what was being done.  Maybe what was being done was effective, but not safe.  So for safety sake they changed the rules.  Red tape was added to be sure "everyone comes out un-harmed and comfortable".

Take a step back, read the Bible (I have been reading the whole OT since January 2011).  When God moves, is it always in a safe setting?  Does God moving create less tension in life or more?  When God calls for change is it done orderly or with a good amount of chaos?  Is safety God's primary concern?

I applaud you BMW driver!  Well done and I hope your piece of furniture wasn't the piece my wife and I saw later that evening as we drove home on the 405.  I hope you got your chair home, pulled it out of your car with a beaming smile of accomplishment, cracked open a Coca-Cola and sat in your chair with pride!

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